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Please provide the original receipt or fill in this online registration form with valid information for activating the 1-year product warranty.

For product replacement or maintenance, please make an appointment by calling +852 3953 1618. (Arrangement for product replacement & maintenance service will take approximately one to two working days.) Walk-in Service is not provided.
Service Centre Office Hour : Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm ; Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday , Closed

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Privacy Policy Statement

Pegasus Technology Holding Limited (collectively “we”, “us” ,the “Company”) recognize the responsibilities in relation to the collection, holding, processing, use and/or transfer of personal data under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (“PDPO”). Personal data will be collected only for lawful and relevant purposes and all practicable steps will be taken to ensure that personal data held by us is accurate. We will use your personal data which we may from time to time collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement.

Pegasus Technology Holding Limited will take all practicable steps to ensure the security of the personal data and to avoid unauthorized or accidental access, erasure, or other use. This includes physical, technical, and procedural security methods, where appropriate, to ensure that the personal data may only be accessed by authorized personnel.


Personal data collected from you may be used by the Company for, without limitation:

  • Keeping internal records.
  • Making suggestions and recommendations to you and other users of our Services or goods and services that may interest you or them.
  • Direct marketing of the products and services of the Company’s business partners.
  • Contacting you for direct marketing by email, Phone, SMS, Fax or mail.
  • Processing warranty claims for our business partners’ products and services, on your behalf.
  • Pegasus Technology Holding Limited reserve the right to keep this Privacy Policy Statement under regular review and place updates on our website from time to time without further notice. You are responsible to reviewing this Privacy Policy Statement to ensure any update of this statement.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Claims Procedure

Step 1: Company will verify the registered information. (Warranty Registration need to be done within 30 days after the purchase. Any warranty registration submitted after the 30 days period are consider as invalid warranty registration.)
Step 2: Company will verify the submitted information. For any invalid information will be consider as invalid registration, company will not provide services for the invalid registration.
Step 3: Company will examine if the product subjected to misuse, abuse or damaged due to natural disaster(Including but not limited to lighting , flooding, earthquake, or fire) , weather by accident or other causes.
Step 4: Warrantied Product will be arranged for a maintenance or exchange, if the product is subjected to a quality problem.

(Any warranty registration needs to be registered within 1 months after the purchase, and valid information need to be provided. Warranty also valid if a valid official receipt can be provided.)

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover if the product is damaged and malfunction due to the listed reasons:

  • Product or parts are out of warranty period.
  • Product misuse, abuse or damaged by not according to the instruction.
  • Installation or maintenance which performed by unauthorized or 3rd party technician.
  • Product failure or damage caused by the use of non-company parts.
  • The software version pre-loaded for the same product may be slightly different from country to country. Customers should not download any upgrade firmware from our website in other countries.
  • Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human factors (including computer viruses, handling, extrusion, bumps, scratches, impacts, high temperatures, improper input voltage, corrosion, water, fire, accidents, etc.)
  • Failure or damage caused by the use of non-standard or non-publicly distributed software;
  • Failure or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.)
  • Failures or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality, and other issues
  • The serial number label is missing, damaged, blurred, or has traces of manual alteration.
  • Non-electrical performance failure, such as: broken signal wire, etc.
  • Defects in product specifications, such as bright and dark spots, chromatic aberration, focusing, electromagnetic sound, smell, etc.
  • Normal problems can be adjusted in customer mode, such as: OSD menu adjustment, etc.
  • Normal product loss, such as: projector product light and dark, color cast, CRT product magnetization, etc.
  • The display is not turned off for a long time and uses the same fixed screen, or the screen saver is not used in the standby state. This causes the phenomenon of burn-in on the display.

The company reserves the right of final decision whether to provide this service.

  1. Due to the physical characteristics of the battery, the charger must not work without supervision at any time. Do not place flammable materials next to the charger. Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment are recommended.
  2. Minors are not allowed to use the charger without adult supervision.
  3. Please use the charger in a well-ventilated environment, and keep away from people, conductive and flammable materials.
  4. During use, both the charger and the battery will have a certain degree of heat, please pay attention to the temperature before touching them with your hands to avoid burns.
  5. If you find suspicious reactions in the battery during charging or discharging, such as overheating, exhaust, leakage, etc., please disconnect the charger from the battery immediately and place it in a safe place, away from people and easy Burning items.
  6. When the charger is connected to the power supply, be aware that if any abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately and consult the user manual.
  7. Keep the charger away from dust, humidity, rain, heat, direct sunlight, vibration, and drops.
  8. Please use the charger within the allowable input voltage range.
  9. The charger and battery must be placed on a heat-insulated, non-flammable, and insulated surface during use. Do not place them on car seats, carpets or similar places. Keep all flammable and volatile materials away from the operating area.
  10. For the charger, please do not use it if you do not have professional knowledge.
  11. The company is not responsible for personal injury or property loss due to various reasons; accidents caused by the use of the charger are not assumed by the company, please operate safely.

*The company reserves the right of final decision whether to provide this service.

*The relevant terms are subject to change without notice

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I declare : I have read and understood the warranty terms & conditions and privacy statement.